Get corrections for your training

You have the privilege of getting corrections from us in your Mugai Ryu Iaido Online Course membership. We will explain to you here, how the procedure works.

1st Step: Take a video of you performing the technique you want corrected

Please take care that we can see you, the katana and the technique fully and well. Record yourself from the front, keeping a widescreen ratio and make sure the perspective works well. You should put the camera on a table or something stable. For some techniques, especially the cuts, a video from the front and from the side would be best. You can also directly state questions in your video.

2nd Step: Upload it to YouTube with the following settings

  1. Name the Video with the techniques name(s)
  2. You can type questions or notes for us into the description
  3. Make sure comments are allowed
  4. Before publishing, on the last settings page, set the video to “not listed”
  5. Send us the link to the video to:

3rd Step: Get corrections from us

We will give the corrections in form of comments in your video, please make sure to check back regularly and keep an eye on your Emails.