Equipment for your Iaido training

For starters you only need a sword and belt. As for the sword a wooden bokken with saya (sheath) would be enough, but of course an Iaito (dull training metal blade) would be perfect. You need an Obi (belt) to put the sword in, you can use anything in the beginning, but you should try and get a proper Iaido Obi as soon as possible. The next step would be getting a Keiko Gi (Hakama and Gi, training wear).

We work together with a japanese supplier and can order Iaito for you delivered to the whole world. You can also order your Keiko Gi there. Additionally we are working on finding more partners around the world, please be patient, we will update this section soon.

If you want to order an Iaito and/or a Keiko Gi from Japan, please send us an Email to: