Frequently asked questions

I am from the United States or outside Europe, can I still join?
Of course, everyone from all around is welcome to join! The Iaido Online Course is made to spread Mugai Ryu, the authentic martial art of the Samurai, in all its facets to the whole world. We already have practicing members from all continents.

What equipment do I need to start?
For starters you only need a sword and belt. As for the sword a wooden bokken with saya (sheath) would be enough, but of course an Iaito (dull training metal blade) would be perfect. You need an Obi (belt) to put the sword in, you can use anything in the beginning, but you should try and get a proper Iaido Obi as soon as possible. The next step would be getting a Keiko Gi (Hakama and Gi, training wear).

Where can I get my equipment?
We work together with a japanese supplier and can order Iaito for you delivered into the whole world. You can also order your Keiko Gi there. Additionally we are working on finding more partners around the world, please be patient.

I am a total beginner, can I also join?
Definitely, the course is made for beginners as well as experienced martial artists alike. You will get to learn everything to master the art of Iaido in the course.

I am training other martial arts, is this a problem?
Not at all, we are an open style and have students training all different kinds of martial arts. You are welcome no matter what you train.

How much will it take to reach a defined level of skill or grade?
This is absolutely up to you. Experience, talent and of course effort vary widely with every person, so there is no correct answer. From our experience taking the first examination after 1-3 months is realistic if you train regurarly and send us videos for correction.

I cannot sit in seiza, can I still learn Mugai Ryu Iaido?
Yes, Meishi Ha Mugai Ryu Iaido is open for everyone interested in learning the way of the Samurai. We will show you how to train everything standing.

I have another question not listed here.
Please send us an Email to: