1-Year membership

199,99 for 1 year

The 1-Year Membership is the most inexpensive way for your study with a 20% discount compared to the monthly subscription.



The 1-Year Membership is the cheapest way for your study. It expires after one year and can be renewed at any time.

The Mugai Ryu Iaido Online Course is a complete online training program. You will learn everything from theory to Iai Kata in detailed and precisely explained high quality video lessons.

Our full Iaido Online Course has over 130 Full HD video lessons with almost 10 hours of high quality video-lessons. Depending on your rank you will unlock these step by step after taking exams, the training plan is in sync with the official Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha curriculum.

To adapt to the fact that you are learning online by yourself in contrast to visiting a Dojo, your first examination will start with the rank of 5th Kyu and you can take online-exams until 1st Kyu. For Dan-examinations you will have to visit one of our Dojos around the world or visit a seminar with a certified master. Your examinations will be officially certified by Niina Gyokusou Toyoaki Soke from Tokyo, Japan.

Your subscription offers the following services:

  • Access to over 130 video-lessons (over 90 from the beginning)
  • Take officially certified examinations online until 1st Kyu
  • Upload your videos for corrections
  • Become an official member of Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha
  • Book private or group online-classes
  • Join online-seminars and trainings

If you need more information, please visit The Course page.

Important notes:

  • The certification after a successful examination is a service of the Zaidan Houjin Mugai Ryu NPO in Japan. There is no legal relationship with us, but with the Zaidan Houjin Mugai Ryu NPO.

Mugai Ryu Europe members get a 50% discount, please contact us by Mail with your full name and the Dojo you are training at before buying.