A great way to learn Iaido, especially in this pandemic year(s)

Covid 19 maybe took many tolls on all of us, we lost freedom, lost in monetary, health, or even lost our loved ones.

But there in every meeting there will always be a parting, as otherwise.

Covid isolation bring me a glimpse to a new way to learn an art I coveted so much, that is IAIDO, especially Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo that i know from Luciano Sensei.

The detailed instructions made your learning progress much much easier, but thats not enough, you still need to practice it physically by yourself in a daily basis to make it absorbed into you. Just watching it would not take you anywhere.

That is not all, you must do the meditation, that is THE BEST PART for me. I even could help my friend learn this to let go his beloved wife that lost her life due to covid.

Learning this meditation made you fully ‘lost’ yourself, then ‘aware’ of yourself.
And meditation part also plays a great part in every move in your iai.

Thanks to bring us this great way.