About this course

Mugai Ryu in context with other martial arts (Karate, Kobudo)

I practice Karate and Kobudo since many Years and was searching a solution to increase my Budo skills with Iaido.

With this course, I found a perfect way to do that and Iโ€™m totally happy ๐Ÿ™‚ :
1. – There is a lot of very interesting stuff, well arranged
2. – Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern explain the topics perfect, in a very competent and pleasant way and provide a lot of additional stuff (e.g. Meditation)
3. – The online format allows to learn according to your own schedule
4. – The video sequences are in perfect lengths from a few minutes up to about a quarter hour

Mugai Ryu and Karate/Kobudo:
Technically Mugai Ryu is quite different to Karate and Kobudo, especially the strong, mental focus on every single technic (e.g. the very short Katas). Therefore, it is a perfect addition to other martial arts because all of them demands full focus to achieve a perfect execution.
In the way of Budo Mugai Ryu is equal to other traditional martial arts so a Budoka finds his way in this course and Mugai Ryu easily and quickly.

This Online-Course is really a great Idea and perfect realized โ€“ so many hours/days/months/Years of training are guaranteed! ๐Ÿ™‚