Budo Family

I´ve been training as a student of Luciano Sensei since 2013. I admire the authenticity, sincerity and devotion he puts into teaching budo – while still keeping everything relaxed, accessible and friendly. He is an empathic, supportive and patient teacher who uses his expert knowledge of several martial arts disciplines and budo philosophy to advance both his beginner and more advanced students to the best of everyone`s potential.

The dojo familiy he leads spans over several european countries, with direct ties to Japan, which offers an unique experience of togetherness, no matter your own background. I could hardly think of a better environment for pursuing one`s studies in budo!

For me, the online course is an excellent and unique (haven`t found anything alike in the net, wordwide!) way of continuing my training during the pandemic – and also to augment and improve my training success when I can be back in the dojo. The lectures offer a level of detail – with explanations, repetitions and with the connected way the videos are structured – that allows the student to actually make real progress and not just watch someone go through all the moves nicely.