Authentic and holistic

My training on Mugai Ryu begun under Luciano-Sensei at Cologne. Then, because of my job I had to move over 300km away and the Online-Course helps me very much to keep up my training. Luciano-Sensei is a very kind and special person who knows it well to pick up every student at his own level, to respond to the individuality of each of them and bring them from there to their goals and further, to bring the most positive out of them.

The training and atmosphere at the Dojo are very deep, familiar, and holistic, not only focused on the technic but also on mind, spirit, and philosophy. In short, on authentic budo. With the Online-Course he has managed to transfer all of this into a digital version of a dojo, where you can participate and take this very unique possibility to train under this special person from all over the world.

The quality of video and sound is extraordinary and the amount of content and deepness of the teaching is really astonishing. Every single technic and principle is included and explained. You also have the possibility to get, if you send him a video of your technics corrections on your doing, which is really helpful.

So for me, the course is much more worth than the small number of its costs and I recommends it to everyone who wants to learn both, an authentic and efficient old Japanese way of swordfighting and the philosophy and true meaning of budo.