Back again

I was a student of Luciano in Cologne for many years. Until the 1st. Kyu I could train in the Dojo and was mentally already on the way to my first Dan exam. But I had to move away because of work and family. Also because of new working hours a daily visit of the DoJo was not possible anymore.

Again and again in the last 3 years I took my Katana and trained at home, but missed everything around it.

Then came the year 2020, almost every day I was at home, working, doing sports at home, and again and again I looked at the Katana. Then I saw a story on FB by Luciano that there will be an online course, an online school.

Finally, finally training again with a sensei.

To the course:
The course is very, well structured. From history to mindset, meditation, body and technique and katas, everything is structured.

The videos are in English, but they are clear and understandable. You need to know some English to really understand everything. Nevertheless it is not too complicated. Through the pictures the katas etc. are slowly shown again. A training is therefore very well possible.

At home:
Logically you need some space. If you have this space, there is no more obstacle to good training.

I would recommend this course, this school to everybody who is interested in this martial art or has already practiced it, but cannot do it anymore due to private reasons.
Absolute recommendation. Thank you very much for this great opportunity.

P.S. Sorry for my English