Full-featured Iaido training online? Yes

Every experienced Iaido practitioner will tell you that it is best to practice Iaido in a DOJO under the guidance of your Sensei. Yes, it’s true. But what if there is no DOJO near your home. Does that mean you won’t train? I decided to become a member of Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha and practice Iaido online. Yes … Mugai Ryu Iaido online is fully functional and why? If there is no DOJO near you, you can watch Iaido training and imitate exercises on various video channels. Or.. you can buy recordings with Iaido training. But there is one mistake, because if you try to imitate the exercise and no one corrects you, you will exercise badly and you will still think that you are training correctly. Feedback is most important! At Mugai Ryu Iaido Online, the feedback is perfect and fully functional. Sensei can clearly explain your mistakes. The sample videos are high quality and understandable. The world is changing…, you too have the opportunity to become an official member of Koryu Mugai Ryu and part of Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha, Mugai Ryu Europe Federation and Tenshinkai Dojo, making you part of the worldwide Budo Family.