Very Impressive Iaido Classes!

This is an impressive collection of video classes addressing everything from technique to philosophy to meditation. Luciano Sensei’s classes are clear, systematic and very well presented. I was a little hesitant at first having heard that learning remote for martial arts is difficult, but after signing up for the free classes and trying out the 30 lessons provided I was very happy with the level of detail and the easy to follow structure.

I have signed up for the starter package and ordered a new Iaito and I am having the time of my life. I’m working on the suburi a little at a time and practicing my torei, sword draw technique and my noto. I’m really enjoying the insights Luciano Sensei brings to each class. I already have a meditation practice I follow, but appreciate the additional practical applications of meditation presented, especially around Zazen and Tanden meditations.

Thank you again Sensei for this wonderful course. I’ve already recommended it to my brothers and friends and hope we can train together sometime in the future in person. Great classes!